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Captain’s Test for Unaccompanied Scullers

In the interest of safety we have developed a simple test to ensure all unaccompanied scullers are proficient and therefore safe. It’s called the Captain’s Test and the protocol is posted below.

Unaccompanied is defined as having no other shells or launch within 2,000 m or roughly one bridge-to-bridge section. That is, if you have not passed this test please do not venture further away from another rower or coach than 2,000 m.

The procedure is intended to be simple:

  1. Accumulate 60,000 m of accompanied sculling in a rec or racer single.
  2. Organize a test with one of the eight members listed
  3. Pass the test to qualify in a rec or racer single and enjoy rowing unaccompanied in that class (racer=both)
  4. If you pass in the rec class then you have to start at 1 again for racer qualification, but only about half the tasks are retested

Flip-tests (deliberately capsizing and safely reentering the shell) are mandatory on day one of single sculling regardless of class, accompanied or unaccompanied. All single scullers must be able to swim 50 meters.

Passing the Captain’s Test (rec or racer) also qualifies you to bow-cox a team boat. That is, until you have passed the Captain’s Test you may not bow-cox a team boat.

Club Waiver Form

All rowers must complete and return a signed release/waiver to the secretary each year before rowing.

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