Club Rules & Policy

The Club’s Rules and Policy Handbook is currently undergoing a major revision. The expected release date is April 2015. Please check back for updates.

Canal Traffic Pattern

Juniper shares the rowing dock and canal with two high school clubs. The Intra-Coastal Waterway is also busy with commercial vessels and pleasure craft. All rowers should be aware of and adhere to the correct traffic patterns and “rules of the road” at all times. Please take a moment to review the summary below. If in doubt on any point related to navigation or safety ask a club officer.

Rowing Technique Cards

Juniper Rowing Club coaches and members have created a series of “bite-sized” rowing and sculling technique cards for quick reference

US Rowing Age Handicap Calculator

Rowing & Related Links

5 comments on “Resources

  1. recommend adding http://www.row2k.com to the Rowing Related links page

  2. Another possible addition would be to include the AYB Logo on our ‘About’ ‘Location’ button, they’ve been great to us, should give them a plug – small paragraph.

    • Good point Gordie, and along those lines it seems like we’ve given them some sort of a gift basket in the past, as a little Thank You. I think it’s better to do it at some other time than Christmas (now would be great) as there is a fair amount of “stuff” given at Christmas, not as much in May for example. Whenever I see any of the principles at AYB I always tell them how much we appreciate being able to use their facility ~ I think we all should make it a point to do that.

      • Joe, I concur — now is a “high traffic time” for crews so that would be a great idea!

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