My photography class assignment was to make a motivational calendar. Each of the twelve pictures had to have a word associated to them that represented a word that means motivation to us. For the month of January I picked persistence. I decided to take pictures of people rowing because as a rower, you can’t give up and you have to keep going even if you’re tired. You are a part of a team that everyone counts on the other. It requires persistence to master each part of rowing.

Kyndall Lord, Sophomore, Great Bridge High School – May 2013

2 comments on “Persistence

  1. Some great pictures of Junipers. I particularly like the ones taken off the corner of the stern. They capture the essence of Persistence.

    The stroke is what persists, relentlessly coming one after the other, each stroke persistently waits to be grabbed by the rower on the end of the oar.

    Thanks Kyndall

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