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Learn To Row


Our Learn-to-Row program takes place in two four-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Saturday consists of about 2 hours of shore training and 2 hours of actual rowing, and Sunday includes two 2-hour sessions on the water with a break and video feedback.    Both sweep rowing (one long oar) and sculling (two shorter oars) will be introduced, with the focus and in-boat rowing type determined by class size.  All LTR participants will be given an opportunity to experience both types of rowing, on a follow-up basis during the season.  After completing the LTR class, students are strongly encouraged to participate in the 3-week (Thursday evening) New Rower Program for further coached training and more “seat time”.  Learn-To-Row sessions cost only $75 for the two day class and the New Rower Program, with prorated club membership options thereafter.

Learn-To-Row Sessions for 2019

  • April 6th-7th
  • June 8th-9th
  • While not currently planned, additional 2019 dates are a possibility, would be announced here.
  • LTR sessions take place at Atlantic Yacht Basin from 8am – 12 noon on Saturday and 8am – 11am on Sunday.

The Saturday morning session includes:

  • Introduce new rowers to the club, the sport, and the equipment.
  • Shown the basic rowing stroke, do’s and don’ts, and nuances.
  • Learn boathandling (carrying shells) instructed and assisted by Juniper members.
  • Meet the erg (rowing machine), and learn the correct stroke technique with individual coaching.
  • Sit in shells secured to the dock, with oars, and learn the correct stroke, with up-close coaching.
  • Get out in a shell with Junipers, for on-water rowing, accompanied by a coach in a launch.

The Sunday morning session includes:

  • Getting on the water in two (2-hour) sessions, with cox feedback, and coached from a launch.
  • Filmed on-water and later get to see the video and are critiqued (videos are later added to YouTube so they can review themselves)


Where we Meet:


We meet at the Atlantic Yacht Basin located at: 2615 Basin Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322

Parking is on the right hand side of Basin Road in the grass or next to the gravel fire road; we do not park in the parking lot in front of the Atlantic Yacht Basin.

Time we Meet:

Please plan to arrive in the parking area by 7:45 a.m. so we can all walk down to the boathouse together.

Other Learn-to-Row Points:

1.) All LTR students must register and pay for the class in advance in order to participate, for planning purposes.

2.) If an LTR student has a conflict arise, cannot make their class, and advises the LTR Coordinator in advance, they may attend a subsequent LTR class.

3.) In the event of adverse weather, the LTR Coordinator will advise the LTR participants of the cancellation, and will reschedule the class to accommodate the availability of, hopefully, all students.

If you have any questions about the Learn-to-Row program, Juniper Rowing Club in general, or would like to register for an upcoming session, please email our Learn-to-Row coordinator at learn2row@juniperrowingclub.org.

Thanks, and as rowers say, “sit ready” (to row).

Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to pay Learn To Row fee ($75) with PayPal.

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***** Full $75 Fee Only *****

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