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Juniper Rowing Club was established in 2002 to allow adult rowing enthusiasts to participate in recreational and competitive rowing. We take our name from the original name of the canal where we row – Juniper Canal, now more commonly known as the Intracoastal Waterway in Chesapeake, VA. Our rowers’ skills run from novice to collegiate experience. Our goals are to promote a healthy lifestyle through the sport of rowing while having fun and improving our rowing skills.


We’re a small club of about 15 rowers and always looking for new members. We practice three days a week – Monday and Wednesday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Once certified by a JRC coach, boats are available to members outside of the scheduled practice times. Members can participate in a wide variety of recreational and competitive events throughout the year. See the Events page for more details. We have a full range of equipment available for members, including 1x/2x/4x/4+/8+.

Juniper Rowing Club welcomes all levels of rowing experience and all fitness levels. We have some very competitive and experienced rowers, and a lot of people who never rowed until recently. You will find equal numbers of men and women, in a mix of ages from late teens to seventies.

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